SeaDoo Winterization

Lake Ozark SeaDoo Winterization

For expert winterization on any SeaDoo, please complete the Winterization Form below. Please also note the travel fee on the below maps, you can save 50% of the travel fee when including a friend or neighbor ski that is less than 1-mile away.

Click here to Request De-Winterize Service in Lake Ozark.

When completing the below form, please be sure to accurately describe where the key is placed, appropriate door code used for door entry, dock & slip numbers and any information we need to access the ski.

ACCESS. Ensure there is complete and safe access to the ski for the purpose of winterizing. Locked gates, mean dogs, broken or rotting dock boards can cause accidents, so please walk from parking to ski and advise of any concerns. If we can not reasonably access the ski, the travel fee still applies and will be invoiced to the customer.

$100 for drive-in service and $150 plus travel fee for dock service.

  • Start the SeaDoo spraying fog oil into the intake until exhaust becomes smoky, less than 30-seconds. We do not over heat the motor, but the more fog oil the better.
  • Pull the spark plugs out, spray fog oil into each cylinder for 15 seconds, then turn the SeaDoo motor for half a second to move the pistons up and down. Put the spark plugs in.
  • With freezing winter weather ahead, we flush all water out of the cooling system and ad some anti freeze back to the system. If water freezes in the SeaDoo motor, it can crack the block and cylinders.
  • We disconnect the battery and recommended that DIY owners pull the battery and charge at 2-amps or below once a month until taking the SeaDoo out for the first run of the year.
  • Add a cap of fuel stabilizer in the gas tank, ¼ of what the bottle tells you to use.

Fabulous service again this morning! I drove over there at 9 o’clock to drop my Seadoo’s off to get winterized. I didn’t even disconnect from the car and was out of there in 30 minutes fully winterized. If you’re looking for great service on your SeaDoo, call Jess at Westside Powersports. A month and a half ago I called him on a Sunday and they called me back. I dropped off my GTX the next morning and he had it fixed and ready to go within 24 hours.”  Mike Monahan

Jess (573) 473-2366
[email protected]

Westside Powersports
14678 Keepsake Road
Gravois MIlls, MO 65037​


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Please complete the below form to request Winterization or De-winterization with Westside Powersports at Lake Ozark.

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