SeaDoo LCD ECU Test, Repair and new Sales.

Why spend $1200 for a new ECU if it can be repaired? If you ship the Electronic Control Unit ECU to us, we’ll computer test all functions and restore all operations with a new flash and tune.

If the ECU electronic control unit is defective, you can apply the testing charge toward a new purchase. New ECU’s come with a new Dess programmed key and free return shipping in the USA with the defective ECU included in the package.

PLEASE NOTE: Westside Powersports has the right to refuse a refund on all electronic components when functioning perfectly and returned without a problem. Specifically, this note applies to the purchase of an MPEM, ECU, LCD and IBR. Most industries do not allow the return of electronics because each component is tested, programmed and verified. We please ask that our company not be used to purchase a product with the full intention of returning. All of our electronic components contain an internal ID required for a return.

seadoo ecu testing repair seadoo ecu testing repair

SeaDoo LCD Testing, Repair and new Sales.

We have the best price to quality used LCD’s on the market. Call us to determine what LCD gauge cluster fits your SeaDoo best. All used LCD’s are fresh water only and guaranteed to be in full working condition or your money back. Save money by avoiding the SeaDoo Dealer, we are your one-stop shop for all SeaDoo ECU and LCD parts.

Note: We also provide LCD, ECU and IBR marriage complete with computer testing.

We have many LCD’s for GSX, GSI, GTI, GTX, RX, XP, RFI, DI, LTD for SeaDoo models Speedster, Challenger, Sportster and Bombardier 1988 to present.

Reconditioned LCD part numbers in-stock; 278001825-1 , 278001958-1 , 278001959-1 , 278002034-1 , 278 003 531-11 , 278 003 533-1 , 278 003 346-1 , 278 002 434-1 , 278 003 185-1 , 278 002 305-11 , 278 003 220-11 , 278 002 714-1 , 278 002 763-1 , 278 003 651-11 , 278 002 659-1 , 278 002 761-1 , 278003195 , 278002506 , 278002548 , 278002714 , 278002548 , 278003005 , 278002305 , 278002657.

seadoo lcd

4-Stroke IBR marriage ECU, ECM, VCM, LCD.

We charge $120 for an IBR marriage when all parts are shipped. Save $50 when purchasing a new IBR, ECU, ECM, VCM or LCD and do the marriage at the same time.

SeaDoo models 2007 to present require IBR marriage to the ECU, so making the purchase and marriage at the same time saves time and money.

Call or Text to Order: we provide expert service, confirm you have everything needed, email the invoice and ship same day free in the USA.

seadoo lcd test repair seadoo lcd
seadoo ecu seadoo ecu

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seadoo lcd test repair seadoo ecu lcd

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